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Animal Crossing DIY Furniture Every Home Must Have

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Animal Crossing DIY Furniture Every Home Must Have

There are many DIY furniture recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that can go with different room designs and themes, but there are some handmade furnishings that every home must have. One of the reasons these items are needed is because of the versatility of these customizable DIY furniture items. When these pieces are customized, they can fit anywhere, regardless of a room’s style or color. These recipes are also recommended for every home because of the ease with which they can be crafted.

In Animal Crossing, DIY recipes are needed to craft certain items, such as tools, furniture, clothes, and decor. Some of these are seasonal, like Animal Crossing summer DIY crafting recipes. No matter the time of year, though, DIY recipes can be bought and found, or even gifted to the player by villagers. Depending on the player, some DIY recipes are more valuable than others, but there are some that many players will want or need to complete their homes.


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While many players may resort to buying furniture items from Nook’s Cranny or Paradise Planning Office, there is some decor that needs to be crafted before a home can be finished. With so many DIY recipe options, players can spend hours crafting and trying out the different furniture sets. However, some must-have items can go in any room and fit many different styles.

Animal Crossing’s Ironwood Low Table Is Trendy & Versatile

There are many furniture collections available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and one of the most sought-after is the Ironwood set. One of the reasons is because of the mixture of wood and metal that many players find appealing. The set also consists of 10 customizable pieces, which is enticing to many players who want a consistent aesthetic in their house.

However, while all the craft-able items in the set are perfect for many interior designs, the Ironwood Low Table is an item that every home should have. It takes up two square spaces, so it’s the perfect size to place against a wall or beneath a window. Another benefit to this item is it comes in five variations – birch, teak, walnut, old, and oak. No matter the variation, the metal wheel design makes this table appear sleek without compromising its rustic wagon look. The Ironwood Low Table recipe can be a gift from a snooty Animal Crossing villager or found through a message in a bottle.

The Classic Rocking Chair Is Simple But Effective In New Horizons

The Rocking Chair is a DIY that players can get early in the game from the Test Your DIY Skills recipe book, purchasable from Nook’s Cranny. Despite being an early game item, it is a piece that will give many homes some added character. Another benefit is the rocking chair’s five customizations – light wood, natural wood, dark wood, white, and black. All of these have the potential to go with different styles and themes in a player’s home.

ACNH’s Wooden Bookshelf Is Stylish And Cozy

The Wooden Bookshelf in ACNH is a necessity because it can go anywhere. For example, Wooden Bookshelves can fit in a bedroom, living room, or dining area, making them interesting components in kitchen design ideas for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Having one or multiple bookshelves in a player’s home will make it look cozier and help fill up any blank space.

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The Wooden Bookshelf can look good in every ACNH player’s home because of its customization options, letting it match many themes. Its different looks include light brown, brown, dark brown, and white. To get the Wooden Bookshelf DIY recipe, players will have to search the beach for a message in a bottle or try talking to a lazy villager.

Tea Tables Can Show Off Other Animal Crossing Items

A DIY Tea Table is another must-have in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is a larger item, taking up four square spaces in a home, but it can also mesh with many different styles. It’s perfect for tea and showing off cooking made from Animal Crossing DIY recipes, or it can be used as a study table. Tea Tables can be customized to be natural wood, dark wood, orange wood, light wood, and red wood. If the Tea Table recipe can’t be found in a message in a bottle, a cranky villager might be able to offer it.

Animal Crossing’s Wooden Low Table Can Be Colored To Match

Taking up only two square spaces is the simple Wooden Low Table. There is nothing fancy about it, but what makes this DIY item so vital for every home is the wide range of color schemes it can be customized to match. The table comes in light wood, white wood, cherry wood, dark wood, black, green, blue, and pink wood. That is eight options, which means it has eight ways to fit a room. The Wooden Low Table DIY recipe can be obtained from one of Animal Crossing‘s smug villagers or pulled from a bottle.

Tall Wooden Island Counters Are Convenient Furnishings In ACNH

The Tall Wooden Island Counter DIY was introduced to Animal Crossing: New Horizons when the Happy Home Paradise DLC was released. Its practicality and the creativity it allows players make the Tall Wooden Island Counter a must-have for every home. When the counter is placed, players can put items on it just like they would with a table, but counters can also be used to divide a room or create illusions with perspective. The Tall Wooden Island Counter comes in three variations – light wood, dark wood, and natural wood. To unlock counters in Animal Crossing, players need to visit Niko after completing their fifteenth house in Happy Home Paradise.

It’s also important to note that there are other tall island counter recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that players can obtain from Niko. So if a wooden one does not fit a room, recipes for Tall Brick, Gold, Steel, Concrete, Marble, and Simple Island counters are also options. To get these different tall island counter recipes, players need to complete the nineteenth house in Happy Home Paradise and donate the required DIY materials to Niko.

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