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Backyard Viewpoint:  Insects, Worms and Other Minimal Creatures

If you are a normal reader, then you know that I am quite new to gardening.  While I have tried to mature things for several years, it was not until eventually I tried using my hand at developing herbs that I experienced any accomplishment.

It has probably been about seven or eight many years now considering the fact that that tiny success.  I have tried using other vegetables and experienced some highs and lows.  Very last year, I really grew a couple of tomatoes.  This yr, though I have 8 plants (which I grew from seed…yeah me!), I have nonetheless to have a single tomato!

Currently, whilst seeking to find a way to get rid of aphids that ended up killing my zucchini dreams, I observed the most appealing bug in the swimming pool.  It looked just like a leaf with legs.

After a tiny image shoot, I acquired my partner to search.  He quickly advised me it was a katydid.  Now, I thought I knew about katydids as that utilized to be the nationwide mascot for my sorority when I was in university.  I definitely didn’t imagine him.

A minor online study later on, I discovered that what I understood from university was a katydid, and this leaf insect was also a katydid recognized as a broad winged katydid. My husband also instructed me they ended up meat eaters.  The world wide web agreed!  This fact seemed type of icky, and I hustled our West Highland Terrier, Archie, into the house to prevent him staying a katydid feast.

A pair of months in the past I was walking all-around the lawn with Archie in tow and noticed an abnormal worm.  Its head appeared like that of a hammerhead shark.  I searched for “hammerhead worm” on the world wide web and found that to be its identify.  And that it is toxic and eats earthworms and other superior insects in the garden.  As a indigenous to Southeast Asia, how did this strange earthworm obtain its way to my lawn?

Very last 7 days, I observed a flat, woody hunting insect that was lengthy and slender. I have yet to locate it.  It was not a walking stick but was extensive like a person.  It seemed like a 3” piece of flat bark with legs.  It is bizarre that I can not establish it.  Maybe it was many small ants carrying a piece of bark?

I just consider it is so attention-grabbing that there are still new insects building their way to my lawn.  I really do not recall looking at black dragonflies, black wasps (not certain exactly what they are, but they do not sting), cow killer ants, or brown recluse when I was youthful.  Now they are in all places close to my lawn (and at times my household)!

Perhaps these creatures ended up usually about, but I just by no means discovered.  It appears to be with time I have realized to value almost everything in character for what it offers.  I guess I have turn into an insect watcher!  Do you enjoy getting new tiny creatures in your property?

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