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Can you get cladding that looks like brick?

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Can you get cladding that looks like brick?

For dozens of years now, bricks have been one of the hottest materials used to give interiors and exteriors a chic finish. Of course, not every space is suitable to fit traditionally sized bricks, so it’s only natural that manufacturers across the world have risen to the challenge and developed products for this very purpose. Which cladding brick systems look like the real deal? Let’s find out!

Which cladding bricks should you choose?

So is there a product that looks like a real brick? Yes! Cladding bricks combine the best features of bricks and cladding and create a product that can be used not only internally but also outside the buildings to cover the walls. This type of cladding is made out of thin brick parts, which can be installed on the wall, and they don’t take up as much space as real bricks would. It’s worth mentioning that cladding bricks are not building material – they are used as a finishing step. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have similar advantages as bricks! Cladding is highly durable to external factors as well, and it can withstand the rain, wind and even cold. You can also use it inside of your house for a stylish kitchen backsplash or an elegant fireplace cladding.

Many faces of cladding brick

Similar to traditional bricks, cladding from this material is also available in various colours and finishes, so matching it to the style of your home shouldn’t be a big challenge. If you love the old school look, then you can reach for cladding made out of reclaimed bricks. And if you prefer a more modern and sleek design, then choose a version with a smooth surface and less rugged edges.

The good news is that the brick cladding system can be fitted with virtually no disruption on site. Even the external application is easy enough that it doesn’t require installation of the expensive and bothersome scaffolding. It’s worth knowing that, in most cases, you can do it all by yourself, as the fixing process is way easier than it would be with real sized bricks.

What products to avoid when choosing brick cladding?

Brick cladding is a great way to cover your internal or external walls, however be sure to avoid imitations of this product made from plastic or foam. From afar, they may seem similar, but up close, you will immediately see that they look cheap. It’s obvious they’re not even as close when it comes to quality and resistance to any external factors. In order to avoid imitation brick cladding, choose experienced and well respected companies.

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