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Chain slings – the most important information

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Chain slings – the most important information

Construction and industry are constantly changing. Engineers are building ever taller and larger objects, minimizing human physical effort, and using specialized auxiliary equipment. One of them are chain slings, the use of which can be found, for example, in the transport of loads.

Characteristics of chain slings and their application

Chain slings are made of high-quality steel and made of thick chain links that can be terminated with:

• standard hooks,

• swivel hooks,

• safe hooks,

• container,

• links.

The most important feature of the slings is the enormous value of the permissible load, ranging from several to several tons, thanks to which we can safely and stably move the object. The material from which they are made is characterized by extremely high quality, which is their greatest advantage, taking into account the difficult weather conditions or mechanical damage, such as abrasion, occurring during the work. Most often, this equipment is used in conjunction with other reloading equipment, including cranes, gantry cranes and cranes located at reloading terminals or being equipment for a means of transport. Chain slings are perfect for intercepting and carrying loads of various shapes and sizes: they can handle both oval and metal objects.

Types of chain slings

Chain slings are commonly divided according to the number of tendons and the class of steel they are made of. We distinguish:

• 1-leg,

• 2-legged,

• 3-legged,

• 4-legged.

The different number of legs indicates the number of attachment points that are required to lift a load. A maximum of four legs may be used in one sling. The markings: 8, 10, 12 refer to the steel grade, i.e. they indicate how much cargo can be transported. Chain slings made of 8th grade steel are the most popular. The grade is abbreviated and denotes the tensile strength of the material. It is always expressed in N / mm2. Safety of use Each sling must have a permanent marking, most often stamped on a plate permanently attached to the sling. This plate must contain the necessary information about the product, as well as a declaration of compliance with the European standard EN 818-4, regarding the highest quality and safety standards. Slings should be subjected to regular technical inspections, which check that the slings are in working order. The inspection may be performed by the manufacturer or a company with qualified personnel. 

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