May 30, 2024

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Hatton: Winter gardening

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Hatton: Winter gardening

Persons who know me generally question me identical queries at this time of the year. They want to know if my gardening is finished for the 12 months or anything very similar. The reply is normally the exact same. I backyard calendar year close to. It is only the nature of the work that improvements. The amount of operate relies upon on weather, projects, and curiosity. There is constantly a thing to do, but I can set issues off or allow issues go easier and with much less detrimental effects in winter season if I want to.

Bob Hatton

The initially priority usually is having care of the greenhouse and plants overwintering in the garage. These plants account for a lot more than fifty percent of my spring planting. Care of these generally entails watering, taking care of insect difficulties, and pruning. It also will involve taking treatment of vegetation that I am propagating. Now there are 104 geranium (Pelargonium) cuttings as very well as 6 rose, 4 tropical Hibiscus, 4 hardy Hibiscus, and a few miscellaneous other cuttings. At the time rooted, these should be transplanted into bigger pots to permit as substantially advancement as doable just before spring.

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