June 23, 2022

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Here are some reasons why your garden’s volunteer plants can be good

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In October, I described some unwanted volunteers in my landscape that were obnoxious such as privet and pecan seedlings. However, not all volunteers are obnoxious and I will describe a few good ones here.

This year, and for the past two years, I have had butternut squash volunteers in my dahlia garden and this year was only exceptional in the phenomenal number of butternut squash produced. This is a volunteer that works out well because dahlias go high and squash vines stay low. The only drawback is that I have to tread carefully to not step or trip on a vine. I harvested a bonanza of these and have been giving them away as I had way too many for us to consume. 

A few to avoid:Even Master Gardeners have plants they don’t like

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