April 22, 2024

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House from ‘hell’ in Colorado has been completely transformed: Take a look

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House from ‘hell’ in Colorado has been completely transformed: Take a look

(Credit: Left photo: Mimi Foster, Right photo: Sara Anderson 719 Design & Staging)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) – Talk about a transformation.

Back in June, an interesting home in Colorado managed to sell for a reported $580,000 despite its interior being covered in vulgar graffiti, and with the stench of rotting meat wafting through the property. The agent representing the home even called it a “little slice of hell” in the listing.

Photos of the home showed black spray paint covering the walls, living areas, kitchen and floors, spelling out angry messages reportedly left by a previous tenant. A once-operational freezer in the basement — filled with meat that had been left to rot for a year — was responsible for the odor.

The house was under contract only days after the listing was posted, too.

“Dozens of offers were received,” listing agent Mimi Foster told KXRM at the time. “The seller is pleased with the outcome.”

Fast-forward four months, and the home has been completely renovated. In fact, it’s hitting the market again on Thursday.

Gone (obviously) is the profane graffiti that once permeated the house, along with any destruction caused by the previous tenant. (The tenant had used a hammer to vandalize the property prior to leaving.) In its place are immaculate walls, carpets and floors. The stench, too, has presumably been eradicated from the home.

Sara Anderson with 719 Staging & Design staged the home. She’s also been sharing updates on social media, going so far as to call the house “a little slice of heaven” on Instagram.

Interested parties are instructed to contact McGarry at 719-201-8352 for further information. Anyone wishing to see the home’s previous condition can check out the “before” photos below.

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