June 20, 2024

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Jumping worms in Illinois? Things to know about the invasive creatures

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Jumping worms in Illinois? Things to know about the invasive creatures
Jumping worms have been confirmed in 38 Illinois counties, including Sangamon. The invasive creatures are also suspected to be in six other counties.

Earthworms known for their damaging nature are producing their way across Illinois.

The invasive creatures recognised as “jumping worms” have now been confirmed in 38 counties, such as Sangamon.

The worms, which are indigenous to East Asia, also are suspected to be in six a lot more Illinois counties, in accordance to horticulture educator Ken Johnson, who is effective with the University of Illinois Extension. Last week, Morgan County was added to the state’s growing listing of verified locations the place leaping worms — named for their special and active movements — have been spotted.

The creatures were being to start with uncovered in Illinois in 2015.

As the worms keep on to be found in communities across the state, listed here are three items to know.

What do they glimpse like?

Jumping worms are concerning four to eight inches lengthy. They have glossy dim brown or grey pores and skin with a clean white clitellum — colour band — around the prime of their bodies. The bottom of their bodies are typically a lighter shade of brown or gray.

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