May 20, 2024

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Kyle Kerr Explains When You Should Consider Staging a Home

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Kyle Kerr Explains When You Should Consider Staging a Home

Kyle Kerr is a real estate agent. One of the things that he stresses to his clients who are looking to sell their homes is that the home needs to look its best. There are many things you can do to make a home more appealing to buyers, including cleaning it, decluttering it, and even possibly staging the home. Mr. Kerr explains that not every client needs to stage their home, but there are some who should strongly consider it. Here are a few of the signs that you should consider staging a home.

Kyle Kerr Says Staging is Perfect When Your Furniture Does Not Work for the Space

Kyle Kerr states that if your furniture does not work within your space, you should consider moving it out and staging the space. If your master bedroom is small, placing a king-sized bed in the space can make it seem smaller and cramped. If you have a space without a lot of natural light, oversized and/or dark furniture can make the space feel darker and dingier. The right furniture helps to show the potential of the space without emphasizing any of the negative points of the space.

Kyle Kerr Explains Why Staging an Empty Home Can Be Beneficial

Kyle Kerr says that another group of people who can benefit from staging a home is people who have completely empty homes. This typically happens when the sellers have already moved out of the home and taken their furniture with them. Unfortunately, buyers can have a hard time envisioning themselves living in an empty space. Staging the space for buyers helps them to see the full potential of the space and envision their own family utilizing the space. Using neutral colored palettes and decor can help to increase the potential buyer pool.

Kyle Kerr Details How Staging Helps Define Spaces

Kyle Kerr explains that the final reason why some people should consider staging their home is that they have a space in their home that is not really defined. Maybe you are using your dining room as a playroom. Moving the toys out and staging the space as the dining room it was meant to be can help buyers see what the space really is meant for. Or maybe you have a small, awkward space that you have never really figured out what to do with. A stager can place a small desk or console table in the space so buyers can see that there is a use for the space.

Kyle Kerr enjoys helping people sell their existing homes. He knows once that home is sold, people get to move on to a new phase of their life, whether that be getting a bigger home to raise their family in or downsizing and enjoying retirement. Staging your home can help the home sell faster, especially if a home is completely empty, if your furniture is negatively impacting the space, or if you have spaces in your home that buyers struggle to define. Work with your local real estate agent to determine if staging your home may be the right move.

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