July 15, 2024

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New York City Real Estate Agent Lisa Simonsen

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New York City Real Estate Agent Lisa Simonsen
New York City Real Estate Agent Lisa Simonsen

New York City real estate agent Lisa Simonsen is living proof that dreams can become a reality if you have the drive to get there.

Snagging a spot in the top .05 percent of national real estate brokers isn’t an easy feat, but New York City real estate agent Lisa Simonsen sure makes it look that way. Her intense client focus paired with her worldly perspective have been the main components of her immense success and her record-breaking sales have given her a national voice. Simonsen has had features in publications such as Yahoo Finance and The Real Deal, and even has an upcoming television project, Kendra Sells Hollywood season 2, in the works.

She found time in her busy schedule to join ICONIC LIFE Publisher Renee Dee on ICONIC Hour to discuss what inspires her, details of her impressive career and what’s next.

“I always wanted more,” Simonsen says as she reflects on what motivated her to build the ICONIC brand she has today.


Hailing from a small town in Canada, Simonsen knew she was destined for more. Even as a young woman, she was extremely passionate about beauty and design in any form. 

”I got the big Vogue every September and I just remember looking at those pictures and the clothes and thinking ‘Oh, I want more than just living where I’m living, in this very small, rural place.’ I always had my eye on something much bigger,” she says. 

It was then that she realized she wasn’t going to stay in that small town, she was going to have to make a big move to make big moves. However, her mother wasn’t as on board with the plan at first. Every day for three months, Simonsen’s mom told her that she could not move to New York, but she persisted.


“Finally I convinced her because I got into a good school, which is Lee Strasberg, and that was the beginning of the journey,” Simonsen says. “She told me I could come down here for six months and the rest is history as they say.”

Simonsen took some time to fall in love with New York City and figure out her next steps, but then, after some big life changes, had to make a plan. 

“My mother got divorced and I kind of had to get a real life and decide faster than perhaps I would have,” she says. “And I’d always been working out, that was really the turning point in my life to becoming self-sufficient and starting a very successful company which was called Simonsen Says.”


That’s right, New York City real estate agent Lisa Simonsen is also a super successful fitness entrepreneur. Even more impressive is that she was able to accomplish so much in a world sans Instagram and influencers, though she does think that social media would’ve helped her grow even bigger than she could imagine. But, even though fitness is still an important part of her life, Simonsen moved on to the world of real estate. You may find yourself asking how those two industries relate to each other and Simonson has an answer for you.

“I look at it this way—I was selling lifestyle before and I’m still selling lifestyle,” Simonsen says. “I don’t think anything has really changed, just now I’m selling apartments and beautiful homes versus people’s well-being.”


Even though Simonsen makes success look easy, a lot of effort goes on behind the scenes to keep the companies thriving. 

“I always wanted to deliver the best that I could. So I would go above and beyond, which I still do,” she says. “Tony Robbins, who I like very much, said ‘You have to have your client base be raving fans’ and so I always have delivered. I take it to the max for my business.”

In order to be the best she can be for her clients, and to turn them into those raving fans, Simonsen and her team stay on top of current trends so they are ready for everything. Any way that they can add value to their clients and their decision becomes a priority. 

Another important aspect of success in Simonsen’s eyes is time management


“I never give myself the excuse or anyone in my sphere that they don’t have time. We all have 24 hours and we get to choose how we spend those 24 hours,” she added. 

And, of course, Simonsen also agrees that part of time management is putting family and things that are important to you in the mix. She still makes the time to exercise regularly and spend valuable time with her kids in between finding dream homes for her clients.

But perhaps the most important aspect of success in any field? Passion. 

“I stood out because I was very passionate about what I did. It’s never been, for anything I’ve done, it’s never a ‘job,’ my heart and soul is there.”

So what’s next for someone who has already accomplished so much? Simonsen recently opened an office in Los Angeles, California and is ready to become bi-coastal! She looks forward to the new challenge and a new competitive market. She’s also always looking for new ways to raise her brand, Simonsen Says, so don’t be surprised if you see her face on a book cover or TV screen any time soon!