April 23, 2024

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OFIS Furniture NJ warehouse takes off with discount home office sales

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OFIS Furniture NJ warehouse takes off with discount home office sales

With a pandemic underway in the spring of 2020, Russell Castro’s phone began to ring as office workers setting up shop at home searched for a comfortable chair.

They might not have missed their commute or all the background noise from co-workers. But they missed their chair that could swivel and roll and tilt and didn’t leave their back aching at the end of a long day.

“They started saying, ‘Hey, I want the chair I sat in at my office,’ and they’re like, ‘It’s $1,200,’ and they didn’t know that,” Castro said. “They couldn’t afford that. They got sticker shock. So that’s where we fit in really well.”

Castro and his wife, Andrea, started OFIS Furniture, taking high-end office furniture that has been liquidated from corporate offices — investment banks, law firms, consulting companies, publishers — and reselling it to the public at a deep discount.  

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The business has attracted hundreds of people each Saturday to a nondescript warehouse on Route 1 in North Brunswick. It has capitalized on the pandemic’s economic upheaval. And it has shined a light on the price businesses have been willing to pay to maximize their employees’ productivity.

Consider the ubiquitous office chair.

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