June 20, 2024

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the ‘BbBP’ furniture module shapeshifts for different home needs

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‘BbBp’, a modular home furnishings piece that maximizes desk usability 


as element of the spatial structure programme at kookmin university in south korea, graduates yeaji kim, yerim yoon and inyeong oh present ‘BbBP’ – a furniture piece that maximizes table usability and benefit through a combination of chair modules. with the pandemic forcing men and women to concentrate diverse actions indoors, the purpose of a straightforward eating table has abruptly expanded. this is particularly genuine in modest households that can only hold a handful of furnishings items. 


the dining table has develop into the household furniture that supports several hours of operating, dining, and gathering. we want that straight posture although working and then a additional comfortable posture while feeding on. current table sets, even though, do not meet individuals requires,’ explain the group.

BbBP furniture set
the established involves 1 table, 2 chairs, and 2 stools



providing a number of mixtures with a desk, 2 chairs, + 2 stools 


hence, the ‘BbBP’ module provides a straightforward solution to accommodate users’ new in-dwelling needs and will make up for the restricting traits of present desk and chair sets. the proposed layout includes a table with two chairs and two stools that can seat up to four persons at after. these features can change shape relying on the action buyers basically have to have to rotate the armrests and backrests and go the detachable stools all over. 


by moving the stool sideways, customers generate an added seat for guests. alternatively, if they desire to established up an acceptable seating place for get the job done and target, property owners can easily rotate the armchairs close to. finally, each chair contains a hollowed bottom to retail store a stool that also doubles as a footrest. 

BbBP furniture set
the ‘BbBP’ set can just take on various shapes to comfortably have out things to do at residence

BbBP furniture set
employing the stool as a footrest, customers can love a at ease meal time

BbBP furniture set
comprehensive see of the backrests

maximize table usability and convenience through combination of chair module 4
separated modules of the backrest and armrest rotating at a 90-diploma angle

maximize table usability and convenience through combination of chair module 5
consumer can force and pull the concealed stool underneath the chair module

maximize table usability and convenience through combination of chair module 9
the ‘BbBP’ module can simply be adjusted to supply the appropriate setup for focus and function

maximize table usability and convenience through combination of chair module 12
illustrating the various and doable combinations




challenge data:


name: BbBP
designers: yeaji kim, inyeong oh, yerim yoon

programme: section of spatial structure at kookmin college

characteristics: 1 desk, 2 stools, 2 chairs



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