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The diversity in a wine rack or a wine cooler

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The diversity in a wine rack or a wine cooler

Technology advanced to store our most prized possessions of wine bottles in one unit. They are called a wine cooler or wine fridge. In addition, to this great invention, wine experts decided to place wine racks inside. Changing the way wine lovers look at wine storage. This unit provides the correct temperature and humidity, but the inclusion of frames makes it possible to keep wine bottles in the proper position. The preferred way bottles need to place is on their sides with their necks going into a slight downwards position, such as tall slim wine racks are just one of many outlets priding themselves in the wine refrigeration industry. Wine coolers would not be the same without wine racks, also called wine shelves.  Only the best wine coolers are made by manufacturers, such as the ones on Bodega43 Wine coolers and many other wine producers. This beautiful addition comes in various forms to suit the wine lover’s needs. Importantly they need to fit available space and budget.

Nonetheless, these racks are a must-have for severe or first-time wine hobbyists.

Solid steel wine racks are preferred because they are substantial in design and optimise the safety of the wine bottles. Wooden ones are also used for visual impact, and they can be seen as a more rustic version. Redwood trees are used because of their beautiful red colourisation.

The history of wine bottles and wine racks

Many centuries ago, ancient civilisations contributed to today’s wine industry. Many historians will always tell you that the starting point of wine collecting started with religious beliefs and colonisation. Therefore, it is essential to start with the history of wine collecting, with the storage used still preferred by modern-day connoisseurs. There are speculations, but many believe that ancient Georgians invented the first storage unit. Henceforth, an innovative idea came to mind. They used large archaic vessels to place wine inside. These Georgian inhabitants created the first wine cellar as early as 6,000 BC. It is theorised that these containers were then placed deep under the ground where they would benefit from dark and warm surroundings. In addition to this, they were kept away from harmful sun rays.

The necessity of wine racks within a wine fridge

A wine fridge would not have the same impact without wine racks. Not only do wine racks help to keep wine bottles in the correct posture to keep them away from unwanted damage. They also, in turn, contribute to increasing the storage capacity within the wine fridges or cooler. Imagine yourself having this mass amount of wine bottles in your collection. And the space available in your home or place of work is not big enough for a bigger unit for cooling the wine. It is then a great idea to purchase a wine fridge that is free-standing and slimmer in design. The additional height provided will then be able to house more wine racks that can be placed on top of each other or to the sides, a proper wine cellar in your abode and not below. In addition, many wine racks or shelves come in beautiful new designs. For example, they range from floor standing or tabletop wine racks. But these wine racks can be displayed outside independently and will not benefit from the same temperature or ventilation within a proper wine fridge. Of course, if you prefer them to stand outside a wine fridge, they stay away from direct sunlight. But this way of storing wine is highly recommended. So, this choice is all up to you.

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