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Berks County real estate transactions for Jan. 16

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Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to [email protected].
Albany Township
Richard Simonsen And Frieda M. Simonsen Living Trust to Richard R. Simonsen, 9476 Red Road.
Alsace Township
James R. Keller and E. Helen Janet Keller and James B. Keller to Jason Dierolf and Kristie Adornetto, 101 Schmehl Road and Schmehl Road, $356,000.
Jeremy L. Moyer to Angela Accordino and Joseph Accordino III, 3030 Pricetown Road, $200,000.
William T. Lockhart Jr. and Emily Colon Lockhart to Matthew Schittler and Kacey Poltorak, 35 Seidel Road, $265,000.
Amity Township
Suzette L. McMonagle and Donald J. McMonagle Sr. to Warren Robert Simmons, 374 Rosecliff Drive, $380,000.
Jordan P. McCourry and Kathryn M. McCourry to Laurie McMonigle, 302 W. Welsh Drive, $330,000.
Patricia A. Stetler to Philip R. Reiff and Cheryl A. Reiff, 321 Old Airport Road, $278,000.
Todd E. Kline and Stefanie Kline to Angelica Marie Exconde, 414 Laurelwood Drive, $275,000.
James E. Finegan and Collette Finegan to Jonathan Donald Jenkins, 627 Main St., $325,000.
Michael W. Stoudt and Rachel L. Stoudt to Diana Murray and David Murray and Edmund D. Lehmann, 1866 N. Main St., $196,000.
Bern Township
Empire Group of Reading Pa Inc. to Sean Daisley and Nyambura Mbugua-Daisley, Seidels Run, $175,000.
Bethel Township
David G. Bergey and Brenden R. Bergey and Philip L. Bergey and Brenda K. Bergey to David G. Bergey and Rachel A. Bergey and Brenden R. Bergey and Malinda M. Bergey and Philip L. Bergey and Gina M. Bergey, 0 Old Mt Road, $1.
Lamar G. Lehman and Wilma J. Lehman to Justin K. Horst and Regina F. Horst, 241 Faust South Road, $950,000.
David L. Williams to David L. Williams and James W. Williams, 917 Union St., $1.
Fresh Start Home Buyers LLC to Kerry Clayton Spengler and Melissa Elizabeth Sicilia, 126 S. Walnut St., $169,000.
Lynn E. Ritter to Sean Dimmick, 429 E. Philadelphia Ave., $175,000.
Virginia Drabinsky Estate to Mark C. Drabinsky, 414 Rhoads Ave., $1.
Brecknock Township
Emma Seibel and Emma N. Martin to Jonathon S. Stoltzfus and John Lee Stoltzfus, 26 Bowmansville Road, $175,000.
Martha S. Timmey Estate to Steven Scholl, 883 Gouglersville Road, $184,200.
Austin S. Wallace to Tyler W. Krick and Kaci D. Murray, 80 Woodland Manor Drive, $392,500.
Kevin T. Naugle and Amy K. Naugle to Kevin T. Naugle, 5285 Sweitzer Road, $10.
Caernarvon Township
Matthew C. Martini to Caasi A. Grove and Megan M. Grove, 10 Franklin Way, $350,000.
Centre Township
Ruth H. Good Estate to Nathan J. Good and Mandey S. Good, 549 Stone Road, $226,000.
Colebrookdale Township
Gerald T. Toomey Estate and Lillie A. Toomey Estate to Stellar Homes LLC, 131 Water St., $70,000.
Cumru Township
Brianna Schell and Christopher Snyder to Daniel Anthony Diodato, 844 Scenic Drive, $180,000.
Salvatore R. Albert to Jm Diamond Enterprises LLC, 2 Albert Lane, $450,000.
Melanie L. Degler and Melanie L. Fino to Regan E. Schwartz, 55 Winged Foot Drive, $205,000.
Timothy J. Rowley and Barbara A. Rowley to David L. Harber and Eileen S. Harber, 2 Iron Cr, $332,500.
Rick Hoppman and Tabitha Dundore and Tabitha Dandove and Tabitha Hoppman to Rick Hoppman, 626 Church Road, $1.
Mark Steven Westover and Sophia E. Westover to Lissette Peralta, 105 Eric Ave., $260,000.
Anant K. Upadhyaya and Geeta Upadhyaya Revocable Agreement of Trust to Anant K. Upadhyaya and Geeta Upadhyaya, 19 Flint Ridge Drive, $10.
Anant K. Upadhyaya and Geeta Upadhyaya to Anant K. Upadhyaya And Geeta Upadhyaya Revocable Agreement of Trust, 19 Flint Ridge Drive, $10.
Daniel G. Roland to Soloman Bailey, 7 A Fairway Road, $91,500.
Florin Ille and Cornelia L. Ille to Flying Hills Realty LLC, 41 Medinah Drive, $200,000.
District Township
Jarod H. Lentz and Miranda L. Lentz to Jarod H. Lentz, 130 Bitting Road, $1.
Douglass Township
Deborah A. Evans to Morgan Sassa and Joseph Plank, 20 Edge Hill Road, $270,000.
Earl Township
Geissler Group Inc. to Matthew Meyer and Patricia Westley, 1370 Ironstone Drive, $335,000.
Exeter Township
Jack Gechter Trust to Berks Nature, 1370 Ironstone Drive, $450,000.
Kevin Crossett to Juan Hernandez Brito and Yohanna Baez, 4940 Dunham Drive, $320,000.
Amy Elizabeth Donabie and Christian A. Donabie to Mario Leone and Stephanie Leone, 200 W. 37th St., $250,000.
John W. Burnley and Eileen M. Burnley to Eileen M. Burnley, 302 Butter Lane, $28,572.76.
Phillip A. Albright and Johanna M. Albright to Julian A. Greenberg and Danielle M. Barron, 49 Thayer Road, $325,000.
Matthew Lee Wade to Tess Johns, 725 Gibraltar Road, $271,000.
Julienne M. Twohig and Gary D. Deturk to Gary D. Deturk, 170 Waterford Lane, $1.
John R. Shipley and Britt L. Shipley to Cammeron G. Kline and Lee Ann Kline, 106 Ashley Ave., $285,000.
Rosemary A. Fisher and David W. Fisher to Bradley Fisher and Megan Fisher, 3620 Lake Ave. and Lake Ave., $145,000.
Troy Fultz to Deborah Katulis, Holly Drive, $120,000.
Jesse J. Bates and Chelsea N. Bates to Trenton Burkhart and Karis Robinson, Laurel Springs Lane, $220,000.
Geoffrey D. Tratnack and Erika L. Tratnack to Mark Stryjak and Kimberly Stryjak, 206 Linda Lane, $284,990.
Dean A. Padovani and Jacqueline M. Padovani to John R. Shipley and Britt L. Shipley, 1001 Cobblestone Run, $395,000.
William P. Hillman and Agnes Rose Hillman to Russell W. Kanaski and June L. Kanaski, 4210 Lynn Ave., $310,000.
Facility Line LLC to Richard Garcia-Munoz and Alice Gomes Garcia, Princess Court, $90,000.
New Investment Corp to Fr & S. Inc., 335 Ada Drive, $24,100.
Bgdj Corp to Fr & S. Inc., Pottstown Ave., $1,800.
Bgdj Corp to Fr & S. Inc., Grandview Ave., $12,000.
Robeson Nursery & Tree Corp to Fr & S. Inc., Pottstown Ave., $13,800.
Robeson Nursery & Tree Corp to Fr & S. Inc., Lebanon Ave., $13,300.
Kathryn E. Gallagher and Kathryn E. Fritz to Kathryn E. Fritz, 2401 Orchard View Road, $1.
Avm Nursery Corporation to Fr & S. Inc., 426 Ada Drive, $15,500.
Avm Nursery Corporation to Fr & S. Inc., Ada Drive, $11,600.
Avm Nursery Corporation to Fr & S. Inc., Pottstown Ave., $600.
Avw Inc. and Avm Nursery Corporation to Fr&S. Inc., Ada Drive, $5,200.
John M. Finnerty to Jamie Flanagan and Virginia Flanagan, 1026 Hickory Lane, $315,000.
Fox East LLC to Neversink Realty Associates, 4350 Perkiomen Ave., $212,000.
Nhan T. Nguyen to William C. Walker and Bobbie Jo Layton, 585 Pomander Ave., $237,000.
B. G D J Corp to Exeter Bible Fellowship Church, Perkiomen Ave., $15,000.
Exeter Associates Incorporated to Exeter Bible Fellowship Church, Dauphin Place, $10,000.
Exeter Bible Fellowship Church to Exeter Associates Incorporated, Allen Road, $25,000.
Sandra M. Stump to Sarah Dugan and Joshua Wise, 230 E. Main St., $167,900.
Raschelle Hinnershitz and Dana Hinnershitz Jr. to Cody Steven Kauffman and Alanna Jean Hackett, 250 Hickory Drive, $235,000.
David G. Sincavage and Gayle K. Sincavage to Fama Properties LLC, 145 W. Washington St. and 147 W. Washington St., $230,000.
Sarah Gordon Brown and George D. Brown to Oscar R. Haas, 301 E. Washington St., $175,000.
Greenwich Township
Marcia A. Reidenhour Estate to Eric Dieterly and Brittany Dieterly, 40 Dietrich Vally Road, $300,000.
Ryan J. Witters and Tonya L. McHenry to Jennifer Bower, 173 N. 3rd St., $130,000.
Charles Barker to Ian Knott and Ashley Hochadel, 134 S. 3rd St., $199,000.
Shirley M. Hoffman Estate to Kenneth Johnson and Lyndell M. Johnson, 501 S. 6th St., $240,000.
Heidelberg Township
Natural Lands Trust Incorporated to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Department of Conservation And Natural Resources, 595 Texter Mountain R, $300,000.
Hereford Township
Doris Gloria Pierce Estate to Lance A. Bechtel, 38 Nanny Goat Hll Road, $692,500.
Benjamin J. Davies and Karah D. Davies to Landon Anwyl Jefferies and Lindsey Jill Shapiro, 8584 Chestnut St., $450,000.
Bret Joseph Fake and Joseph Harrison Gunther to David L. Potter and Patricia K. Potter, Kulps Road and Kulps Road, $236,000.
Jefferson Township
James R. Lorah to Norman Brubaker, 160 Tulpehocken St., $108,900.
Jacqueline S. Marcincavage and Charles J. Marcincavage to John Moyer, 146 Koenig Road, $480,001.
David Nazzaro and Amanda Nazzaro to Hershey Re Ventures LLC, 1316 Columbia Ave., $135,000.
Hershey Re Ventures LLC to Mykola Garbovskyy, 1316 Columbia Ave., $147,000.
Salvatore Brucculeri to Eric Teyim, 474 W. Main St., $120,000.
Jacob Sewall to Richard Sewall , 228 Keystone Ave.
James A. Stapleton to Omar Daniel Nunez Reinoso, 710 Emerson Ave., $236,000.
John R. Woram and Jill W. Woram to Aidaluz Moore, 3506 Oak St., $170,000.
Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 3446 Gray St. and 3448 Gray St., $10.
Donald B. Raifsnider Jr. and Robin A. Raifsnider to Jn Espinal LLC, 3524 Kutztown Road, $170,000.
Longswamp Township
Robert Horodyski and Jamie Horodyski to Scott R. Meyer and Aimee E. Zipp, 739 State St., $207,000.
Tyler Kerchner and Terry Kerchner to Andrew W. Koch and Heather L. Painter, 140 Longsdale Drive, $90,000.
Lower Alsace Township
Roger A. Clark Sr. Estate to Roger A. Clark Jr., 138 Old Spies Ch Road, $1.
Ronald B. Waite Sr. Estate to Julian Glowacz and Nika Dzeban, 500 Friedensburg Road, $230,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to David E. Briseno and Susan W. Taylor, 327 Chatsworth Court, $535,364.
Maidencreek Township
Geoffrey Jerome Zelko and Danielle L. Zelko to German Urbina-Barona Sr., 311 Galean Drive, $240,000.
Axis 73 Storage LLC to Axis 73 Storage 1 LLC, 21 Lake Shore Drive, $10.
Omega Builders Inc. to Dennis Charles Patten Ii and Beth Marie Patten, 121 Hill Road, $476,520.
Upgrowth LLC to Brian J. Sell, 403 Grandview Drive, $243,500.
Kathleen L. Fix and Jeremy D. Schaller to Wilson Garzon and Martha Iglesias, 331 Cactus Road, $220,000.
Jemco Capital LLC to Craig Pasciullo and Jess Weber, 310 Faith Drive, $324,900.
David J. Biehl to Benjamin R. Zimmerman, 124 W. Wesner Road, $229,900.
Basement Creations LLC to Matthew Baver, 220 Faith Drive, $269,900.
James L. Adams to Angelo Laventura, 8484 Allentown Pike and 8484 R Allentown Pike, $250,000.
Nestor G. Moina and Carolina D. Moina to Eliezer Ayertey and Roseanne Sarah Ayertey, 120 Millennium Drive, $350,000.
Marion Township
Robert A. Swoyer Estate to Joshua B. Hoover, 3983 Conrad Weiser Py, $237,000.
Maxatawny Township
Carlyle Davis Estate to Benito Estrada and Amanda Estrada, 185 Gun Club Road, $75,000.
Richard S. Luckenbill to Richard S. Luckenbill and Lori J. Luckenbill and Cory A. Luckenbill and Eric D. Luckenbill, Bowers Road.
Christopher J. Solt and Alyssa N. Solt to Mark D. Russomano Jr., 266 Quarry Road, $275,000.
Wilmer J. Zook and Kathy S. Zook to Rebecca A. Pinkerton, 9 W. Madison St., $140,000.
Jennifer R. Kriner to Joshua S. Arak and Samantha L. Shueman, 330 W. Summit St., $210,000.
Mount Penn
Brett Thomas to Valentin Rodriguez Jr. and Kristin E. Rodriguez, 2235 Ochre St., $124,000.
David Pooler and Jerri Pooler to Kirk A. Silas and Lyndsey B. Cameron, 113 Endlich Ave., $163,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Ronald A. Estock to Rachel Vasquez Mesa, $175,000.
Matthew R. Schittler to Emmanuel Ruiz and Charlene Fourquet-Ruiz and Luz Nereida Fourquet, 4509 10th Ave., $170,000.
Bas Investment Group LLC to Carinet Y. Albino Cartagena and David Albino Rolon,131 Spring Valley Road, $140,000.
Michael A. Fiskaldo to Anthony P. Spanier, 3220 Stoudts Fr Br Road, $219,000.
Anytime Storage of Sinking Spring LLC to Anytime Storage of Sinking Spring 2 LLC, 1500 Frush Valley Road and 1502 A Frush Valley Road, $10.
Leroy J. Delong to Jeremy N. Breidenstein, 4926 Kutztown Road, $162,500.
Maria C. Arteaga and Maria C. Fregoso Ayon to Brittany Rose Mitz and Scott Alan Klinger Jr., 5209 Allentown Pike, $200,000.
Cristin E. Smith to Robert E. Brookins and Margaret B. Brookins, 525 Acacia Ave., $215,000.
Melinda B. Schmeer to Melinda B. Schmeer and Sharon J. Wendling, 1038 Fredrick Blvd., $1.
Angel C. Cabrera to Angel C. Cabrera and Anthony L. Cabrera, 1010 Boeshore Cr, $1.
Joseph P. Ferro and Kim N. Ferro to Carlos Hernandez Chavez and Guillermo Chavez Gomez, 1109 Tuckerton Road, $284,000.
Eugene J. Obrien Jr. and Jeannette C. Obrien to Eric Feliciano and Jasmin Barreto, 2513 Hampden Blvd., $250,000.
Bonita G. Haas to Austin Storer, 3341 Sheidy Ave., $214,000.
Wallace G. Schaeffer and Sylvia A. Schaeffer to Frank W. Reichl, 310 Taft Ave., $220,200.
Mary L. Kazmar to Adan A. Peralta and Carolina Rodriguez, 3423 Eisenhower Ave., $282,000.
Jan M. Jimenez to Top Tier Transport LLC, 1006 Meadow Drive, $180,000.
Kathryn S. Shaner and Troy C. Gilbert Jr. to Kathryn S. Gilbert and Troy C. Gilbert Jr., 509 Edison Court.
Steven J. Krize Estate to Ramona P. Rodriguez, 1241 Fredrick Blvd., $174,000.
Michael A. Lease to Reyna M. Rodriguez Garcia, 624 Linden Ave., $185,000.
Jodie Leigey and James Johnson to Jodie Johnson and James Johnson, 371 Furnace Road, $1.
North Heidelberg Township
Patricia L. Schleifer Trust to Patricia L. Schleifer, 32 E. Meadow Road.
Romualdo Dibiase and Maria F. Dibiase to Shawn M. Blanchard and Amber L. Blanchard, 610 Manbeck Road, $567,000.
Oley Township
Jason A. Weller and Melissa A. Weller to Jason A. Weller, 175 Snyder Road, $1.
Lloyd C. Zook and Ruthann W. Zook to Yaakov Schwarzman, 2837 W. Phila Ave., $512,000.
James Dean Munch and Julia Michele Davis to Tyler Wurtz and Vanessa Juneau, 21 Carriage Cr, $217,500.
Jonathan W. Fleck and Daphne P. Fleck to Jennifer L. Fleck, 445 Reiff Road, $995,000.
Judith L. Fleck to Jonathan William Fleck and Daphne Fleck, 415 Hunter Road, $825,000.
Patricia A. Rhoades to Abby Miranda Faus, 32 Clay Slate Road, $257,000.
Stuart Patrick Snyder and Debra M. Leatherby to Stuart P. Snyder, 141 Mill Road, $1.
Leon H. Rhoads and Donna F. Rhoads to Timothy Rhoads, 27 Rhoads Road, $1.
Ontelaunee Township
Gilbert Arndt and Diane F. Garcia to Diane F. Arndt and Gilbert Arndt, 29 N. Calais Drive.
Matthew J. Hayes and Laura E. Hayes to Bradley Keith Nanna and Donna Sue Nanna, 113 Edinboro Lane, $395,000.
Darrell S. Kohler and Julianne L. Kohler to Sanford L. Hunter and Maureen Markett Hunter, 72 Sunglo Drive, $399,900.
Helen L. Katarzynski Estate to Trench Construction And Remodeling LLC, 931 E. Laurel St., $42,000.
Rafael A. Quijada and Joslynn M. Quijada to Anayeli Dionicio Gomez and Anayeli Dionicio Gomez, 1611 N. 15th St., $175,000.
Lou D. Banta and Andrea L. Banta to Keyhomes Reis LLC, 407 Rehr St., $37,000.
David Harber and Eileen Harber to Gerardo Rodriguez and Ivette Rodriguez, 1921 Olive St., $250,000.
Patricia C. Morawczynski to Daniel Bala Peterson and Migdalia Peterson, 835 Bingaman St., $70,000.
Niculae Pasa and Emilia Pasa to Alonzo Cook III and Fayth Michelle Lydia Robinson-Cook, 1807 Perkiomen Ave., $134,000.
Katrina L. Bruehl and Jose L. Delcid-Perez to Lorenzo McDuffie, 844 Madison Ave., $122,000.
Invescon LLC to Mineyshalee Mercado, 425 Arlington St., $139,900.
Luis Ildefonso to Jhonnattam Tavaras Mane, 859 Hampden Blvd., $124,000.
Sydney D. Schaeffer to Ileana A. Alvarez and Hilda Alvarez, 1375 Pershing Bl 704, $170,000.
David A. Reoles to Marcell Coulibaly, 517 Strong Al, $500.
Clara Martinez and Clara Granados to Lp4m LLC, 516 Minor St., $56,500.
Hm Investments LLC to Grace Realty Services LLC, 230 N. 10th St., $255,000.
John C. Westerfer to Cristhian Colondres-Ortiz, 1159 Birch St., $90,000.
Pedro Vega to Francisco J. Lopez-Olivares, 34 Mulberry St., $35,000.
Phone Nhatavong to Sandra M. Presbot Navarro, 1227 Green St., $55,000.
Jesus Leyba to Cecilia A. Jose Espinal, 1152 Chestnut St., $101,000.
Jose A. Barbosa-Hidalgo to Geovanny F. Sarmiento, 1149 N. 9th St., $1.
Juana Castillo to Teresa Delacruz-Feliz, 1025 Moss St., $120,000.
Ardath E. Colbert III and Leslie A. Colbert to Dinalyn Arguelles, 2105 Kings Way, $430,000.
Carol A. Moyer to Timothy R. Luigard, 1145 Robeson Court, $2,250.
Osmar A. Sepulveda to Eugenio Burgos, 1416 A N. 11th St., $105,000.
Keyhomes Reis LLC to Roughneck Realty LLC, 407 Rehr St., $52,500.
Diana Espinosa to Luis Corona and Carlos Carona, 1161 Green St., $115,000.
John Liberati to Abdul Qadir Young, 1341 N. 9th St., $148,000.
Regina O. Button to Regina O. Button Trust, 1212 S. Parkside Drive, $1.
Philip C. Mell and Brenda L. Mell to Rosa Guzman, 1517 Hill Rd 5k, $45,000.
T. E H Realty 33 LLC to Gezim Ibroci, 623 Birch St., $50,000.
Renee L. Beresniewicz to Anisa W. Reinstrom and James S. Reinstrom, 1510 Mineral Spring Road, $280,000.
Clinton Lee Stubblebine to Sergio Illescas, 1350 Locust St., $73,000.
Rafael Valoy and Yesmin Valoy to Jet-Set Restaurant LLC, 124 S. 9th St., $16,000.
Ethel Inze Prince Estate to Rose Davis, 417 Maple St., $1.
Ethel Inze Prince Estate to Rose Davis, 419 Maple St., $1.
Ethel Inze Prince Estate to Rose Davis, 1044 Culvert St., $1.
Vsem Contractors LLC to Musa Draga, 456 Birch St., $56,500.
Verna M. Bewley to Cindy Rothermel and Callie Rothermel, 2351 Berkley Road, $184,900.
Ricky Rhodes and Renita Rhodes to Judith Peterson, 1501 Hill Road, $403,000.
Teh Realty 77 LLC to Gezim Ibroci, 232 W. Oley St., $96,000.
Jose J. Mateo and Orquidia Luna to Luna Properties LLC, 548 S. 7th St., $1.
Berkshire Towers Tier LLC to Berkshire Towers Tier LLC, 726 Washington St., $561,600.
James H. Freeman and James H. Freeman Estate to Jose Miguel Orellana Prieto and Martha C. Dutan Juncal, 630 N. 2nd St., $80,000.
David G. Stahl Estate to Merlin W. Stoltzfus, 417 Chestnut St., $66,500.
Dana S. Randazzo and Jacquelyn D. Randazzo to Niculae Pasa and Emilia Pasa, 1517 Hill Rd 5h, $80,000.
Alejandra Vargas to Yadelquis M. Jorge Pena and Jose L. Bueno Tejada, 443 S. 15th St., $25,000.
Michael Yachnik and Carol E. Yachnik to Alejandra R. Vargas, 1638 Muhlenberg St., $33,000.
Jeovani Delgado Santos to Braily A. Baez Adames, 152 N. Front St., $125,000.
Tan Ngoc Pham and Phuong Kim Ho to Hilda Molina and David Rivera, 864 N. 8th St., $65,500.
Raul Ricardo Reyes Chilo to Myrt Realty LLC, 728 A Franklin St., $1.
Alejandra C. Jimenez-Perez to Dorka Ovalle De Rijo, 1507 N. 10th St., $140,000.
Aldo Rivera and Nilza Hall to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank National Association, 430 S. 15th St., $30,000.
Elite Properties of Reading LLC to Diana Patricia Rivera Morales, 519 N. 8th St., $68,000.
Propertynet LLC to Bbl Properties Three LLC, 816 N. 6th St., $66,700.
Tomas C. Abreu and Lin Abreu to Josefina Rodriguez Alvarez, 204 Hancock Blvd., $175,000.
Ricardo V. Gonzalez to Casey Schmidt, 409 Upland Ave., $90,000.
Mark A. Cianciosi and Pamela J. Cianciosi to Kensington Developers LLC, 526 S. 7th St., $125,500.
Timothy F. Waldman and Cynthia A. Mitchell to James D. Oswald and Tammy L. Oswald, 851 Mulberry St., $100,000.
Joselo Morales and Maria Consuelo Morillo Oneill to Aaron Chandran Morillo, 403 N. 5th St., $43,000.
Wilma Ray Smith Estate to Rafael D. Ramirez, 1518 N. 14th St., $121,000.
Richmond Township
Michael D. Stephens and Toni A. Stephens to Toni A. Stephens, 162 Hard Hill Road.
Grande Land LP to Teresa M. Tobin, 3 Ensore Court, $404,252.
Dolores E. Adams to Jeffrey A. Steinfurth, 133 Hard Hill Road, $546,000.
Ray S. Boyer and Constance J. Boyer and Dale L. Boyer and Sharon L. Boyer to John D. Hoover and Rachel Z. Hoover, Dryville Road, $42,000.
Robeson Township
Troy Eric Cronce to Troy Eric Cronce and Meagan Beth Cronce, 104 Comanche Drive.
George L. March and Elizabeth A. March to Fred John Miley, 1880 Red Hill Road, $357,500.
Charles K. Serine and Celia D. Serine to Sheila E. Hall and Erin L. Deneke, 18 Spring Court, $400,000.
Paul Michalowski Estate to Alston C. Tatum Jr., 81 Lake Shore Drive, $127,000.
Marvin Zimmerman to Paul S. Campbell, 3741 Morgantown Road, $225,000.
Julianne Schaeffer and Julianne Borelli to Julianne Schaeffer, 34 N. Robeson St.
Jack L. Keener and Klassen Construction to Ryan Springborn and Kaitlyn Cogley, 428 Smokering Drive, $257,900.
Rockland Township
Leona M. Bryant to Norman W. Burkholder and Mabel K. Burkholder, 259 Fredericksvlle Road, $115,000.
Ruscombmanor Township
Karl C. Ruch and Kira Wilson to Karl C. Ruch and Kira Ruch, 3433 Pricetown Road.
Kenneth E. Reppert to Robert Edward Davenport and Stephanie Marie Davenport, Houck Road, $170,000.
Palma M. Zimmerman Estate to Walter Zimmerman Revocable Living Trust, 114 Walnuttown Road, $1.
Blaine R. Noll to Blaine R. Noll and Erin L. Noll, 4 Daisy Lane, $1.
Ronald J. Pangrazi and Dana L. Pangrazi to Geoffrey Tratnack and Erika Tratnack, 11 Ridge Crest Drive, $420,000.
Nelson Lopez Jr. to Fernanda Guzman Oceguera, 409 N. Brobst St., $175,000.
Kofke Holdings Inc. to Alyssa Porter and Aaron Porter, 36 N. Miller St., $275,000.
David M. Weber to Bradley Rutt, 400 Sherwood St., $318,000.
Elizabeth A. Gill and James D. Johnson to U.S. Bank National Association and Master Asset Backed Securities Trust 2006-Nc3 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2006-Nc3, 335 Madison St., $76,000.
Doris A. Strausser Estate to Jeffrey Miller and Cheyenne Miller, 210 E. 9th St., $262,000.
Chantel Beishline to Brandon Toala, 644 Water St., $137,250.
Sinking Spring
Jtk Ventures LLC to Karen D. Walter, 20 S. Hull St., $145,900.
Anytime Storage of Sinking Spring LLC to Anytime Storage of Sinking Spring 1 LLC, 830 Mt Home Road, $10.
3459 Penn Avenue Limited Liability Company to Giannotti Property Investment LLC, 3459 Penn Ave., $515,000.
South Heidelberg Township
Pietro Micale and Peter V. Micale and Cheryl Micale to Pietro Micale and Cheryl Micale, 329 Carriage Drive, $1.
Janelle M. Myers and Joyce M. Myers to Janelle M. Dugan and James E. Dugan Jr., 17 Rolling Drive.
Ted J. Groff and Michelle L. Barnes to Ted J. Groff and Michelle Lee Barnes-Groff, 55 Preston Road.
Grande Land LP to Aminata Katta and Aliou Cherif, 102 Sianna Cr, $429,000.
Garth E. Smith and Joanne C. Smith to Colt M. Snyder, 113 Pine Tree Lane, $340,000.
Spring Township
Axis Sinking Spring Storage LLC to Axis Sinking Spring 1 LLC, 702 Henry Cr, $10.
Ross G. Ricketts and Nancy L. Ricketts to Nicolas Moreno and Dioselina Villasensor-Lopez, 2107 Gring Drive, $345,000.
Nicolas Moreno to Cristian J. Melecio and Kayla M. Brophy, 2203 Lincoln Ave., $230,000.
Andrea R. Long to Darril Vilburn, 5 Gelsinger Road, $259,900.
Gregory S. Holland and Kelsey L. Holland to Aaron Matson and Alicia Matson, 116 Glenfield Court, $335,000.
Penns Crossing Senior Associates LP to Penns Crossing Senior Associates LP, 1400 W. Wyomissing Blvd., $1,723,392.
Dennis M. Moyer and Elizabeth M. Moyer to Jayme Hinnershitz and Lena Hinnershitz, 2729 Beacon Drive, $265,000.
Michael D. Marcellus and Susan M. Marcellus to Justin Bohn and Kelly L. Bohn, 1809 S. Mountain Drive, $340,000.
William Ruth to Bruce M. Morris and Lynne M. Morris, 324 Oak Hill Lane, $320,000.
John L. Raifsnider Jr. and Dawn Raifsnider to Matthew A. Kreska and Colleen Shrawder, 2727 Penn Ave., $275,000.
David J. Twiford to Matthew Chandler Murray and Emily Ann Opel, 2902 State Hill Rd E4, $134,000.
Susan D. Pan to Jose A. Perez Jr. and Margaret Perez, 2025 Hale Court, $203,000.
Kathleen M. Schadler and Kathleen M. Oakes to Cm Cash Buyers LLC, 53 E. Washington St., $5,550.
Union Township
Bradley Auckland and Rachel C. Auckland to Robert J. March and Celeste A. March, 1096 Geigertown Road, $190,000.
Bradley Auckland and Rachel C. Auckland to Bradley Auckland and Rachel C. Auckland, 1096 Geigertown Road.
Bradley Auckland and Rachel C. Auckland to Merrill John Platt, 1096 Geigertown Road, $85,000.
Laurel A. Reidnauer to Daniel P. Owad and Jean M. Evans, Union St. and 219 Union St., $51,000.
Arlene P. Olszewski to William A. Grubb and Danica A. Grubb, 215 Woodglen Road, $310,000.
Eric Goldstein to Michael A. Raleigh and Chelsi Raleigh, 10 Furlong Road, $430,000.
Barry W. McGowan and Suzanne R. McGowan to Suzanne R. McGowan, 1295 Park Road.
Upper Tulpehocken Township
Erma I. Koenig Estate to Kenneth L. Koenig and Carol E. Koenig, 6382 Old Rte 22, $1.
Washington Township
Beverly A. Mudd to William G. Kane and Christine M. Kane, 2204 Old Rte 100, $355,000.
Scott T. Smith and Paula A. Smith to Abrya J. Fields, 640 Anne Drive, $270,000.
Mark D. Lazarony and Melissa K. Lazarony to Ryan Paul McClellan and Dakota Taylor Hafer, 27 S. Pearl St., $205,000.
Richard J. Caron Foundation to Underdog Enterprises LLC, 60 Werner St., $100,000.
Richard J. Caron Foundation to Underdog Enterprises LLC, 70 Werner St., $400,000.
West Reading
Mark A. Burns to Niko D. Yates and Jessica Heather Hain, 109 S. 7th Ave., $244,000.
Troy A. Burkert Sr. Estate to Vizcaya Sunset LLC, 314 Sunset Road, $176,000.
Tony V. Fonte to Jeffery Paul Fick, 402 Chestnut St., $173,000.
Ego Properties LLC to Josh Davis, 30 S. 6th Ave., $85,000.
Windsor Township
Ethan P. Lucas to Shelsea Marie Fick and Matthew Robert Fick, 1173 Windsor Castle Road, $249,000.
Wayne E. Mengel Estate to Paul Ott, 1458 Mountain Road, $110,000.
Dale Weyandt to Storm Flurry Hilliar, 121 W. Jefferson St., $120,300.
Mamie I. Witmer Estate to Timothy J. Krall and Faythe M. Mistretta, 39 S. 2nd St., $175,000.
Juleann Miller to Justin Frantz and Meghan Frantz, 313 Winding Way, $255,000.
David A. Lineaweaver to Anne P. Cadau and Michael C. Cadau, 1525 Cleveland Ave., $225,000.
Lucille Cappel and Lucille M. Cappel to Richard R. Herbert and Michelle R. Wyles-Herbert, 1634 Farr Road, $400,000.
Pamela S. Shields to Dennis J. Mauro, 1513 Garfield Ave., $240,000.
Paul D. Clark and Elizabeth A. Clark to Eric Moody and Krista Moody, 1223 Old Mill Road, $579,900.
Brenden J. Van Buren to Robert A. Hall and Corinne M. Kutz, 110 Logan Ave., $497,000.
Carlos H. Mercado to Maria Guadalupe Reyes and Maria Angela Reyes and Maria Guadalupe Reyes, 521 Greenwich St., $160,000.
Multiple municipalities
Harold L. Miller and Rowena E. Miller to Melody E. Brown and Ronald G. Brown, School Road, $1.
Douglas E. Fouche to Brandon R. Martin and Nicole B. Martin, 322 Main St., $262,500.
Axis Reading LLC to Axis Reading Storage 1 LLC, 2200 N. 5th St Hwy, $10.

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