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Grand County Real Estate Transacations, March 27-April 2.

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Grand County Real Estate Transacations, March 27-April 2.

Real estate transactions totaled $15,589,916 across 19 sales for the week of March 27 to April 2.

Property Address: 33 Ski Idlewild Road

Description: 3,194-square-foot, three-bedroom, 2.75-bath, single-family residence on 0.0287 acres of land.

Seller: Ski Idlewild Property LLC

Buyer: Michael and Kerrianne Duggan

Price: $905,000

Property Address: 285 Kings Crossing Road

Description: 3,418-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath, single-family residence on 0.59 acres of land.

Seller: Michael and Kimberly McMahon

Buyer: Thomas and Elizabeth Pack

Price: $1,980,000

Property Address: 100 Game Trail

Description: East Mountain Filing 10, Lot 132.

Seller: Rendezvous Homes LLC, Koelbel Company

Buyer: Kathleen Becker and Miles Kunkel

Price: $1,428,491

Property Address: 310 Iron Horse Way, Iron Horse Condo

Description: 447.9-square-foot, zero-bedroom, one-bath condo.

Seller: Gerald and Felicity Newton

Buyer: Mark Cordes Beck Revocable Trust

Price: $300,000

Property Address: 802 GCR 855/Rainbow Lane

Description: 5,826-square-foot, three-bedroom, 2.25-bath, single-family residence on 4.17 acres of land.

Seller: Mitch Veenstra Living Trust and Sandy Veenstra Living Trust

Buyer: Jared and Laura Veenstra

Price: $570,000

Property Address: 138 Game Trail

Description: 3,960-square-foot, three-bedroom, 3 ½-bath, single-family residence on 0.15 acres of land.

Seller: Rendezvous Homes LLC, Koelbel Company

Buyer: Michael Bearup Revocable Living Trust and Julie Bearup Revocable Living Trust

Price: $1,474,405

Property Address: 77 GCR 8542/Marmot Trail

Description: 4.08 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Linda Cummings

Buyer: Donna J. Norris Trust

Price: $255,000

Property Address: 226 GCR 85/Lions Lane

Description: 2.39 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Marilyn Richards

Buyer: Tim and Carisa Hanlon

Price: $153,000

Property Address: 21 Telemark Drive, Pine Tree Plaza Condos

Description: 894-square-foot condo, two-bedroom, two-bath condo.

Seller: Joyce K. Olinger Trust

Buyer: Sara and Joseph Averett

Price: $580,500

Property Address: 904 Gore Avenue

Description: 2,560-square-foot, one-bedroom, one-bath, single-family residence on 0.54 acres of land.

Seller: Michael O’Hotto

Buyer: Caroline Bellace and Andrew Hass

Price: $750,000

Property Address: 501 North 11th Street

Description: 0.168 acres of vacant residential land, Block 3, Lot 1 at Grand West Subdivision.

Seller: Gary and Jennifer Bumgarner

Buyer: Hugo Gonzalez and Luz Gomez

Price: $102,000

Property Address: 300 Base Camp Circle, Base Camp One Condominiums

Description: 1,035-square-foot, two-bedroom, 2.25 bath condo

Seller: JMAR Ventures Inc.

Buyer: Roger and Diana Harris

Price: $549,000

Property Address: 1361 GCR 881/Grenoble Street

Description: 2.14 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Kenneth Ebert

Buyer: Matthew and Lauren Hodapp

Price: $155,520

Property Address: 307 21st Street

Description: 2,514-square-foot, four-bedroom, two-bath, single-family residence on 0.198 acres of land.

Seller: Joshua and Samantha Leyba

Buyer: Yolanda Preciado

Price: $499,000

Property Address: 1580 Lone Eagle Drive

Description: 0.28 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Bradley and Wendy Nattrass

Buyer: Beach Custom Homes LLC, Fish Creek Construction

Price: $167,500

Property Address: 470 Mountain Sky Court

Description: 0.39 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Ryan and Lyndsay Bender

Buyer: Jeffrey and Brenda Halverson

Price: $141,000

Property Address: 67 GCR 4057

Description: 3,224-square-foot, three-bedroom, 2 ½-bath, single-family residence on 0.73 acres of land.

Seller: John and Kristin Schiechl

Buyer: Hunter Family Revocable Living Trust

Price: $829,500

Property Address: 395 GCR 160/Meadow Drive

Description: 1,152-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath, single-family residence on 5.53 acres of land.

Seller: Frederick E. McGlochlin Trust, Leah Stroupe

Buyer: Brenda Dack

Price: $250,000

Property Address: 1830 GCR 60

Description: SEC 33-2-76.

Seller: Esco Sand Gravel LLC

Buyer: Oldcastle SW Group Inc.

Price: $4,500,000


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