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Grand County real estate transactions, Feb. 6-12

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Grand County real estate transactions, Feb. 6-12

Grand County’s 23 real estate transactions from Feb. 6-12 were worth more than $14.3 million combined.

Property Address: 490 Kings Crossing Road, Silverado II Condo

Description: 1,029-square-foot condo.

Seller: Ronald and Lisa Weber

Buyer: Monica Rosenbluth

Price: $525,000

Property Address: No address

Description: Northwoods at Lakota Park Subdivision Lots 4,5,19,20.

Seller: PMWP Development Company

Buyer: Mario Topolko

Price: $1,798,809.67

Property Address: 132 GCR 4441

Description: Mobile home on 0.47 acres of land.

Seller: Lam Real Estate Holdings LLC

Buyer: Joel and Britney Hastings

Price: $360,000

Property Address: 116 Ramble Lane

Description: 3,889-square-foot residence on 0.0268 acres of land.

Seller: Bonanza Homes LLC

Buyer: Matt and Meredith Wilken

Price: $1,470,000

Property Address: 65 GCR 8751

Description: 3,359-square-foot residence on 16.49 acres of land.

Seller: Matthew Bowen and Shea Murphy

Buyer: Gregory Sonntag

Price: $751,000

Property Address: 480 GCR 834/Cranmer

Description: 3,146-square-foot residence on 0.075 acres of land.

Seller: J Hunt Properties LLC

Buyer: Adam and Elizabeth Sayer

Price: $1,450,000

Property Address: 508 Ravenwood Circle

Description: 2,020-square-foot residence on 0.015 acres of land.

Seller: C J Properties LLC, Jeffrey Steinhardt

Buyer: Brett Benedetti and Kevin Anthony Serrano Rojas

Price: $805,000

Property Address: 62927 US Hwy 40, Inn at SilverCreek Condo

Description: 495-square-foot condo.

Seller: Craig and Valerie Champion

Buyer: 62927 US Hwy 40 133 Granby CO 80446 LLC

Price: $147,000

Property Address: 91 Thunderbolt Drive

Description: 0.323 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Bruce Lewis and Vicky Stevens Lewis

Buyer: Patrick and Hilary Wallace

Price: $199,000

Property Address: 121 GCR 833/Columbine Drive

Description: 4,066-square-foot residence on 0.66 acres of land.

Seller: Sharon Farrell

Buyer: Brett Fischer

Price: $1,090,000

Property Address: 133 East Grand Avenue

Description: 1,548-square-foot residence with garage on 0.258 acres of land.

Seller: Lisa Wieland

Buyer: Chelsea Gasper and William McDonald

Price: $439,000

Property Address: 21 Telemark Drive, Pine Tree Plaza Condominiums

Description: 864-square-foot commercial condominium.

Seller: CGEM LLC

Buyer: JVS Investments LLC

Price: $175,000

Property Address: No address

Description: Village at Eagle Ridge Unit 84, Bldg 17

Seller: Royal Oak Rocksure LC

Buyer: John and Susanna Jones

Price: $658,250

Property Address: 29 Ski Idlewild Road

Description: 2,646-square-foot duplex on 0.0287 acres of land.

Seller: Ski Idlewild Property LLC

Buyer: Nigel and Jenny Ellis

Price: $785,000

Property Address: 396 GCR 834/Cranmer Avenue

Description: Winter Park Ranch 2nd Flg, Lot 13, Block 1.

Seller: Zdenek Nedele

Buyer: William MacDonald

Price: $495,000

Property Address: 835 Granby West Circle

Description: 0.36 acres of vacant commercial land.

Seller: Granby Industrial LTD Liability Co.

Buyer: Clive Smith

Price: $100,000

Property Address: 437 GCR 832/Meadow Mile, Meadow Ridge Lodges

Description: 1,293-square-foot condo.

Seller: Benjamin and Tara Corbett

Buyer: Eric and Jamie Sholl

Price: $670,000

Property Address: 55261 US Highway 40

Description: 2,264-square-foot residence and 1,178-square-foot residence on 5.092 acres of land.

Seller: Andrew Ware

Buyer: Christopher Bridgeford

Price: $550,000

Property Address: 62 GCR 5223S/Fireweed Court

Description: 3,204-square-foot residence on 0.041 acres of land.

Seller: Sidney J Logemann Trust and Linda E Schier Trust

Buyer: Kronenberger Family Trust

Price: $775,000

Property Address: 2321 GCR 88/Val Moritz Drive

Description: 1.06 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Kristine and Antone Baltz III

Buyer: Joni Powe Johnson

Price: $152,000

Property Address: 215 South 8th Street

Description: 576-square-foot residence and 2,104-square-foot residence on 0.143 acres of land.

Seller: Sandy Kay Farley Revocable Trust

Buyer: David and Karen Hammer

Price: $280,000

Property Address: 290 East Agate Avenue

Description: 1,136-square-foot commercial building on 0.07 acres of land.

Seller: Burns Properties LLC

Buyer: Aesthetique LLC

Price: $499,000

Property Address: 51 GCR 6234B/Mesa Circle

Description: 4.83 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Gene Sawyer III

Buyer: Kelly and Robert Buszkiewic

Price: $210,000


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