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Real Estate Transactions Include Former Restaurant, Land Near St. Columban’s | News, Sports, Jobs

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Real Estate Transactions Include Former Restaurant, Land Near St. Columban’s | News, Sports, Jobs
Real Estate Transactions Include Former Restaurant, Land Near St. Columban’s | News, Sports, Jobs

Undeveloped property near a senior home and a closed Westfield restaurant are among the real estate sales that took place in late July.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate transactions in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales from July 18-29.

During that time period, 9-11 Holt St., Westfield was sold to Triple C. Coffee LLC of Fredonia for $145,000. This is the former Vine City Restaurant.

In a separate sale, Missionary Sisters of St. Columban’s Inc. of Silver Creek sold a parcel at 2546 Route 5, Sheridan to Stoica Capital LLC of Hamburg for $245,000. St. Columban’s on the Lake Retirement Home is owned by the Missionary Sisters of St. Columbian. The facility has the same mailing address, although a real estate website describes the property that was sold as a “beautiful, wooded, two acre vacant lot.” The Missionary Sisters of St. Columbian, Inc. are listed as the property owners for three other parcels along Route 5 that vary in size.

Overall, from July 18-29, there were 195 real estate transactions, 139 of which were higher than $1. Of the 139 transactions, 20 were $250,000 or higher. Of those 20 transactions, four were in the town of Ellery, three were in the town of Pomfret, three were in the city of Jamestown, two were in the town of Chautauqua, and there was one sale each in the towns of Ripley, Sherman, Cherry Creek, Portland, Ellington, Harmony, Hanover and Busti.

The top 20 sales were as follows:

¯ 5358 Lake Avenue, Dewittville sold for $750,000.

¯ 1694 Blockville Watts Flats Road, Harmony sold for $492,500.

¯ 3135 Wait Corners Road, Sherman sold for $485,000.

¯ 148 Thayer St., 251 Barrows St., 522/524 Cresent St., 374 Falconer St., and property on Cowing Street, Jamestown sold for $404,000.

¯ 4704 Bemus-Ellery Road, Ellery sold for $380,000.

¯ 216 West Summit Ave., Lakewood sold for $365,000.

¯ 9580 Chautauqua Road, Pomfret sold for $325,000.

¯ 5674 The Circle, Ellery sold for $324,900.

¯ 20 Carroll St., Jamestown sold for $320,000.

¯ 4964 Pittsburgh Avenue, Chautauqua town sold for $320,000.

¯ 5 Ventura Circle, Fredonia sold for $315,000.

¯ 6380 Klondike Road, 6370 Welch Hill Road and property on Benson Road, Ripley sold for $300,000.

¯ 3662 Pleasant Ave., Ellery sold for $300,000.

¯ 3862 Rt. 430, Ellery sold for $290,000.

¯ 5583 Lakeside Boulevard, Portland sold for $272,000.

¯ 6366 Pickup Hill Road, Cherry Creek sold for $265,000.

¯ 1355 Waterman Road, Ellington sold for $260,638.

¯ 5 Casabella Drive, Fredonia sold for $251,900.

¯ 320 Park St., Jamestown sold for $250,500.

¯ 5 Karen Drive, Silver Creek sold for $250,000.

The full list of sales above $1 is as follows:

A referee for the late Charles Gillette sold 47 Eagle St., Fredonia to Lake Shore Savings Bank for $92,669.

Nelson Family Construction LLC of Clymer sold 20 Charles St., Jamestown to Wein Realty LLC of Lakewood, NJ.

The administrator for Paul Carlson sold 2511 Panama-Stedman Road, North Harmony for $16,000.

Gary Szymanski sold 17 Babcock Ave., Silver Creek to Janet Field for $91,000

Roger and Jessica McCleary sold 135 Fredrick Boulevard, Ellicott to John Robert Rogers for $131,000.

Wayne and Amy Jo Dorler sold 8025 Fredonia-Stockton Road, Pomfret to Paul Pierski and Edith Orozco for $249,900.

Larry and Janice Bowman sold 9422 Reagan Road, French Creek to Matthew Catrabone for $115,000.

Edwin and Emily Morris sold 3135 Wait Corners Road, Sherman to the Elder/Okumura Living Trust of Inverness, Calif. for $485,000.

Kellie Lisciandro sold 1704 Eddy Road, Harmony to Willliam Jr. and Shawna Whitmore for $200,000.

Russell Solazzo and Bernadette Chapman sold 30 Berry St., Fredonia to Ronald J. Roush Jr. for $119,900.

David Lepley sold 409 Busti-Sugargrove Road, Busti to Charles and Terra McKay Legg for $65,000.

Daniel and Linda Tota 235 Summit Ave., Jamestown to Conor-Cruz Frank Sporer for $160,000.

Benjamin and Sarah Hostetler sold 6366 Pickup Hill Road, Cherry Creek to Henry and Franey Miller for $265,000.

Carol and Stephen Shulman sold 16 Elam Ave., Jamestown to Kristofer Nolloth for $125,000.

Julie Ann Spencer, Sharon Lee Aten Johnson and Gayle Marie Aten Perria sold 4704 Bemus-Ellery Road, Ellery to James and Jessica Gatto for $380,000.

Vincent and Mary Frances Powall sold 102 Center St., Fredonia to Mark Carlson and Lisa Dickey for $170,000.

David Logan and Laurie Doreen Capps sold 154 Lakeview Ave., Lakewood to Matthew Titus for $157,500.

Robert and Marilyn Hall sold 5 Casabella Drive, Fredonia to Kristina Johanson for $251,900.

David and Timothy Neckers sold 257 Clymer-Corry Road, Clymer to Ray and Robyn Wiggers for $135,000.

Gary and Jonathan LaPaglia sold 20 Hillcrest Drive, Fredonia to Nicole Siracuse for $238,600.

The executor for P. Richard Cowan sold 158 Chautauqua Ave., Jamestown to Jonathan Hoyt for $67,500.

Daniel Brehm sold property on Weaver and Livermore Road, Arkwright to Lyle Milliman for $8,000.

Michael Seivert sold 620 Southside Ave., Cherry Creek to Debby Banas for $25,000.

Enrique Bautista Lopez sold 10 Pine St., Dunkirk to Marcelino Hernandez Lopez for $45,000.

William Brown sold 3862 Rt. 430, Ellery to Dennis Lee and Vera Knutson for $290,000.

Darrell McKee sold 14 Bemus Ave., Lakewood to Andrea Kenney for $142,000.

Michelle Foote sold 12785 Iola Drive, Hanover to Heidi Sauer for $159,900.

Coreen Kachermeyer sold 33 Wicks Ave., Celoron to Michael Kerry Fuller for $79,900.

Gary and Darlene Youngs sold property on West Main Road, Westfield to R. Chadwick Land Holdings LLC for $185,000.

Fernsler Family Partnership sold 5583 Lakeside Boulevard, Portland to John and Susan Schober for $272,000.

Scott and Pamela Sue Pollock sold 249 Ruggles St., Dunkirk to Nicholas Polvino for $113,000.

Gary and Darlene Youngs sold property on West Main Road, Westfield to Timothy Bertram for $113,700.

Edwin II and Chrystal Clover sold 44 Frew Run St., Frewsburg to Deven Dudenhoeffer for $139,900.

Jamestown Houses LLC of Ashville sold 278 South Main St., Jamestown to Abraham Estates Corporation for $33,000.

Brandon Hite and Toria Triscari-Hite sold 75 Norton Ave., Jamestown to Emily Pickert for $126,500.

Gary and Darlene Youngs sold property on West Main Road, Westfield to Jeffrey Bertram for $130,000.

PCAL Holdings LLC of Falconer sold 84 West Main St., and property on North Pearl Street, Frewsburg to Adam and Keerstin Karns Hill for $80,000.

Sherry Johnson sold property on Sylvan Way, Arkwright to Stephen and Erica Lahnen for $25,000.

Hine & Company LLC of Jamestown sold 107 Lister St., Jamestown to Kazzi Leeper for $89,900.

Laverne and Tracey Miller sold 81 West Whallon St., Mayville to Sherry Cruz for $130,000.

Brett Mitchell Pedrico sold property on Empire Road, Hanover to Timothy Steven Snyder for $6,000.

Barbara Kane sold 309 Veterans Drive, Dunkirk to Christopher and Denise Closson for $120,000.

David Chapman sold 5410 Green Flats Road, Harmony to Jason Buck for $5,000.

Patrick Roche sold 228 Connecticut Ave., Jamestown to Shally Jacobs for $143,617.

ZTS Residential Properties LLC of Tonawanda, NY sold 512 Dove St., Dunkirk to Kratos Holdings LLC for $45,000.

The executrix for George Catalano Sr sold 1259 Chemar Drive, Hanover to Jennifer Demarco for $240,000.

Nathan White sold 1709 Washington St., Jamestown to JMI Properties LLC for $50,000.

Robert Jr. and Janet Gibbs sold 9499 East Main Road, Ripley to Patrick Rummings and Robin Woodcock for $92,500.

Beverly Blair sold 190 Brooks Ave., Dunkirk to Mirna Figueroa Echevarria for $92,000.

Gregory and Susan Leif sold 307 Sampson St., Jamestown to Jerry Vargeson for $145,000.

Keith and Martha Oxley sold 119 Point Drive North, Dunkirk to Matthew Newman and Kaitlyn Vanstrom for $150,000.

Salam Development Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pa. sold two lots in Sunrise Cove, Harmony to Navage Enterprises LLC of Beaver, Pa. for $69,900.

Robert Orr Jr. and Jolene Krigar sold 24 Clinton St., Fredonia to Shayne Wolnik for $122,000.

Jean Dawes sold 185 Temple St., Fredonia to Shaila and Shainee Mahnaz Islam for $180,000.

David Gross sold 9-11 Holt St., Westfield to Triple C. Coffee LLC of Fredonia for $145,000.

Neil and Judy Hilliker sold 5 Karen Drive, Silver Creek to Vacation Rentals The Point Inc. of Fredonia for $250,000.

Mary Alice Russo sold 2883 Gerry-Ellington Road, Gerry to Esther Bly for $85,000.

Dons Ice Cream LLC of Lakewood sold 1993 East Main St., Ellicott to Aaron Destro for $109,000.

Jeremy Gross sold 19 Pearl St., Westfield to M&R Westbrook LLC of Westfield for $57,500.

Scott and Brittany Daniels sold 5432 Route 474, Harmony to Emma Blasius for $150,000.

James Coronia and Beverly Ann Grobaski sold 302 Springdale Ave., Jamestown to Patrick Langworthy for $169,900.

Mark and Martin Terrell sold 52 North Ermine St., Dunkirk to Eric Streebel for $110,000.

James Woltz sold 35 Lindsey Ave., Ellicott to Robert and Kathryn Woltz for $80,000.

Michael Joseph Williams sold 50 Chestnut St., Fredonia to Glenda Barber-Stanley for $77,500.

Norman A. Struzynski sold 66 Eagle St., Fredonia to Johnson Rentals LLC for $130,500.

Amy Carlson sold 3067 Dutch Hollow Road, Ellery to Amber Drake and Janice Johnson for $50,000.

A trustee with the George M. and Linda J. Colburn Joint Revocable Trust sold 1355 Waterman Road, Ellington to Kathy and Matthew Waterman for $260,638.

Ronald and Monica Mazany sold 20 Carroll St., Jamestown to Hideaway Enterprises LLC and Fitness Bunker LLC of Lakewood for $320,000.

Alan and Linda Laudsley sold 2814 Gerry Ellington Road, Gerry to Brian Briggs for $59,900.

Russell and Patricia Anzalone sold 55 Ruggles St., Dunkirk to Angel Jimenez Gonzalez for $30,000.

TBR Development LLC of Falconer sold 11 N. Dow St., Ellicott for $16,500.

Ernest Jr. and Barbara Laemmerhirt sold 2574 Hanson Road, Gerry to Olivia Lynn for $120,000.

Katherine Chant sold 12060 Buffalo Road, Hanover to George and Donna Patterson for $186,000.

Teri Tenpas sold 23 Sampson St., Jamestown to Russell Morrison for $106,000.

William and Frances Cassidy sold 163 East Main St., Westfield to Colin McKinley and Kelli Herschbach for $106,000.

Vincent Peterson sold property on Salisbury Road, Ellery to John Henry for $40,000.

Michael Johnson sold 3347 Anderson Road, Busti to Wyatt Johnson for $130,000.

Missionary Sisters of St. Columbian Inc. of Silver Creek sold 2546 Route 5, Sheridan to Stoica Capital LLC of Hamburg for $245,000.

Jill Hopkins sold 119 Trenton St., Jamestown to Justine Dillon and Kristine Hughes for $240,000.

Jean Mary Malinoski sold 12 Lodi St., Hanover to Kerrieann Waterhouse Pelletter for $215,000.

Jeanette Lobello sold 307 Newland Ave., Jamestown to Abdulla Abuhamra for $17,000.

Colleen Trisler sold 1426 Hartson Road, Poland to James and Anna Conner for $57,400.

The executrix for Peter Epolito sold 173 Liberty St., Fredonia to Jorge A. Lozano Deciga for $92,900.

Cullen and Jacqueline Duke sold 8999 Shore Drive, Westfield to Brad and Judith Hamric for $216,000.

Jason Stine sold 2196 Mill Creek Road, Charlotte to Mark and Marlo Barbaro for $21,000.

Owen and Kathryn Kauffman sold 237 Allen Road, Clymer to Robert and Lorena Byler for $150,000.

Marlene Volpe sold 11 Dewey Place, Jamestown to Christopher and Patricia Larson for $25,000.

Kirstie Hanson sold 124 Hotchkiss St. Jamestown to Brennan and Ellen Lockwood Webb for $124,900.

Kathy Ross sold 206 South Hanford Ave., Ellicott to Junior Abbey and Jamie Riley for $175,000.

Johnathon Sabella sold vacant property on Dean Road, Poland to Levi and Susan Hostetler for $17,000.

Jennifer Elzemeyer and Melissa Wert sold property in French Creek to the Jennifer L. Elzemeyer Trust for $100,000.

Donald Campopiano sold 3662 Pleasant Ave., Ellery to Lawrence and Lynn Wells Tiret for $300,000.

John Marcellus sold 4964 Pittsburgh Avenue, Chautauqua town to J. Michael Dywan Revocable Trust for $320,000.

A trustee with the Gerald M. Mooney and Jewell F. Mooney Revocable Living Trust sold 6380 Klondike Road, 6370 Welch Hill Road and property on Benson Road, Ripley to Walter Troyer Jr. for $300,000.

Amy Fitzpatrick sold 5 Maltby St., Jamestown to James II and Holly Nelson for $35,000.

Steven H. Duckworth sold 434 Washington Ave., Dunkirk to Devlin James Dillon for $70,000.

MZM Properties Inc. of Brocton sold 35 Highland Ave., Brocton to Elisabeth Perez for $90,000.

Cynthia Miller and Allen McNeal sold property on Sunset Bay Park, Hanover to Sunset Properties of WNY of Irving for $115,000.

Michael Brezner sold 148 Thayer St., 251 Barrows St., 522/524 Cresent St., 374 Falconer St., and property on Cowing Street, Jamestown to Michael and Sara Rinaldo for $404,000.

Michael Brezner sold 28 and 30 Bush St., Jamestown to Michael and Sara Rinaldo for $146,500.

Leo Wilcox sold 1606 South Main St. Extension, Kiantone to Russell and Theresa Cusimano for $160,000

Gardenview Properties Inc. of Falconer sold property on Park Street, Jamestown to Elizabeth Barr for $20,000.

The Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation sold 4696 Ashville Road, Busti to Paul DeFrisco for $500.

The Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation sold 8666 First St., Portland to Brenda Abel for $500.

Jerome and Darlene Miga sold 323 Mullet St., Dunkirk to Jason Howard for $177,000.

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington, DC sold 4827 Mahanna Road, Ellery to Patrick and Anne Farrell for $165,112.

Ralph and Delores Dolce sold 10 Taft Place, Dunkirk to Steven and Ashley Grimm for $205,000.

MacDonald Servis sold 4594 Maple Grove Road, Ellery to J2N Partners LLC for $191,500.

Paul and Judy Leonard sold 15 Unit #6, Ames Avenue, Chautauqua Cottage Condominium, Chautauqua Institution, for $169,900.

Norma Vanderpool and Ruth Christensen sold 94 Lake Ave., Brocton to James Rizzo for $44,100.

Daniel Jr. and Kimberly Woloszyn sold 5 Ventura Circle, Fredonia to Ryan and Jaime Mourer for $315,000.

Edwin Jr and Nina Stachewicz sold 9580 Chautauqua Road, Pomfret to Leland Johnson for $325,000.

Susanne Weeks sold 5674 The Circle, Ellery to John P. and Mary S. Peterson Living Trust for $324,900.

Angelique Lipari sold 1694 Blockville Watts Flats Road, Harmony to William Bognar for $492,500.

A trustee of the Anderson Trust sold 216 West Summit Ave., Lakewood to Stephen and Amy Flaherty for $365,000.

Anthony Valvo sold property on Pullman Street, Brocton to Dilorenzo Construction LLC of Brocton for $20,000.

Fred Jr and Jamie Carder sold 1457 Route 394, Poland t o Ashley Pearson and Tauron Smith for $113,000.

The Administratrix of the estate for David Siragusa sold 43 Smith St., Brocton to Robert and Samantha Fancher for $55,000.

Elaine Condon sold 23 Elm St., Ellington to Jennie Bridges for $111,600.

Thomas Horvath sold 13 West 18th St., Jamestown to Saraden White for $15,210.

A referee for Sunshine Carroll sold 56 Houghton St, Fredonia to Tracey Panek for $20,000.

APG Acquisitions LLC of San Clemente, Calif. sold 841 E. Second St., Jamestown to Scott Beebe for $105,000.

A trustee with US Bank Trust N.A. sold 21 Leming St., Dunkirk to Joseph and Valerie Senatore for $42,400.

Brian and Shannon Guenther sold 511 McKinley Ave., Dunkirk to Edwin and Luchelle Buchannan Ortiz for $185,000.

Mitchener Builders Inc. of Jamestown sold property on Diamond Drive, Carroll to K. Schoppe and B. Rauh for $29,400.

Trustees with the Shirley S. Gustafson Revocable Family Trust sold 636 Stowe St., Jamestown to Kirstie Lind Hanson for $190,000.

Eric Botticello sold 10963 Bennett State Road, Hanover to Michael Woolley for $160,000.

Steven Strickland and Barbara Jean sold 1911 Washington St., Jamestown to JMI Properties LLC of Celoron for $50,000.

The executor for the late Roger Pacos sold 35 Gardner St., Fredonia to Kravitz Properties LLC of Fredonia for $140,000.

Sean Gardner sold 241 Clyde Ave., Jamestown to Marcel Madonia for $140,000.

Richard and Onda Cole sold 228 Valleyview Ave., Jamestown to Aaron Dunlap and Teri Tenpas for $179,500.

Keisha Bowden sold 432 Washington Ave., Dunkirk to Kratos Holdings LLC of East Aurora for $65,000.

Olive Marie Visosky sold 967 Central Ave., Dunkirk to Roger Gloss for $9,000.

Girtons Flowers and Gifts Inc. sold 1519 Washington St., Jamestown to JMI Properties LLC of Celoron for $195,000.

The executor of the estate for Jerome Nowak sold 9868 East Lake Resort, Villenova to Callan Dickerson for $115,000.

David and Karen Holfoth sold 5358 Lake Avenue, Dewittville to Eric and Kaitlin Balboni for $750,000.

Shannon Rowe sold 33 E. Main St., Ripley to Aaron and Teri Rowe for $72,000.

Terrance and Kathleen Stronz sold 320 Park St., Jamestown to Michael Swanson for $250,500.

Joseph and Judy Digregorio sold 517 Pine St., Jamestown to Gabalski Jones Properties LLC of Frewsburg for $89,900.

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